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1976, The Runaways — Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Jackie Fox, Sandy West, Cherie Currie — photo by Tom Gold

The Runaways teenage, all-female rock band was co-founded in 1975 by guitarist Joan Jett and drummer Sandy West. The two were joined by Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, and Jackie Fox and became the main core of the group. Vicki Blue, Micki Steele (who’d later join The Bangles), Peggy Foster, and Laurie McAllister also flowed in as others dropped-out, and they eventually broke up in 1979. The Runaways actually saw greater success in Japan than here in the US, where many critics and serious rock fans alike had a hard time taking the sexy teenage girls from LA seriously. Their mania and memory largely slipped into a slumber until being sparked again by the 2010 biographical flick, The Runaways.

Being a child of the ’70s & ’80s I was aware of The Runaways

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Petition: Oderus Urungus on Mortal Kombat X


People who are familiar with GWAR know Oderus Urungus, (played by Dave Brockie) the former singer of the band, unfortunately passed away last March. Oderus was as hilarious as he was viscous, and also one of the most colorful and creative characters not only in rock history, but also history in general. Though his music will live on, what better way would there be to further immortalize (toasty) Oderus Urungus then to have him be a playable character on Mortal Kombat X.

Petition: Oderus Urungus on Mortal Kombat X.


50 more “Bobby Load” covers – Rat Town Records

We got this in the mail the other day….

LOAD Vinyl (1)

Sure, it looks pretty, but it will do this supernatural thing where it’s tries to suck your soul and possess you, we think they call it a “cursed item” (and everyone around you will turn into the demons in Evil Dead 2) but that’s okay, because you don’t believe in that stuff. Right?

LOAD : The 4:20 of “Cannon Procedure”

Yeah, that explains Cannon pretty much to a tee. Yep, every episode boiled down to the naked plot.

In the LOAD house, Eric B. Rivers (FWA, Pontius Pilot), Ron Sas (Pontius Pilot, Gus, Floor) who then was replaced with Frankie Capel (Splat), Jeff Tucci, and myself, Tony Qualls lived there. They’re a thousand different stories that I can tell. Namely, ones about Jeff and our constant couch tour-er Bobby, and Fausto for that matter.

The LOAD house had a rehearsal space and roommates band could use it when we weren’t rehearsing.

This is about Cannon Procedure though, so, not every member of a band shows up at the same time ever. So you mostly sat around waiting for whoever. That time in the LOAD house was 4:20 P.M. That and Cannon re-runs were the only thing on in the afternoon in Miami worth a shit to watch, and digital boxes and laptop were too expensive and shitty.

So it became a ritual, with a bunch of all these band members (some showed up early just to watch Cannon) and you know pot smoking has a “procedure” in how you go about it. Then “Cannon Procedure” became the ritual’s nick-name. Dumb, huh? Juan Montoya and a bunch of other musicians were in on it for some reason too. We guessed they liked the humor because no one saw Juan get high. Oh yeah, please check out the awsome Lincolns and LTDs in this show.

“I’ll hit you with my karate chop!” by Bobby Load

We became the first band the ever wrote a song about Cannon, or stupid enough too?




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